Automated Fan Engagement in Handball

In a significant move towards enhancing fan engagement, Füchse Berlin, a renowned player in the European handball scene, joined forces with Automadic. This collaboration was strategically aimed at transforming the game day experience by integrating advanced automation technology.

The Challenge

The challenge was to leverage the potential of over 30 digital screens in the Max Schmeline Arena to elevate the experience for 7500 fans. Traditional approaches lacked the ability to engage fans effectively and were marked by time-consuming processes.

Our Approach

Automadic's approach was anchored in establishing a comprehensive, data-driven foundation. We developed extensive databases for players and teams, encompassing critical details from statistics to team colors. Our user-friendly interfaces enabled the Füchse Berlin team to efficiently create tailored game day graphics.

Building a Data-Driven Foundation

At the core of this transformation was a detailed database. This repository held essential information for instant generation of engaging graphics. It included player profiles, team logos, colors, and other vital elements, setting the stage for an enhanced game day experience.

Streamlined Input Interface

Our solution included intuitive interfaces for the Füchse Berlin team, facilitating quick input and customization of game day content. This not only ensured timely delivery of graphics but also heightened audience engagement from the start of each home game.

Engaging Visuals

Starting with welcoming messages and leading into detailed matchup information, our system allowed for the creation of compelling game day visuals with ease. Beyond standard graphics, our technology enabled the visualization of key game data like the fastest throw and top performers, transforming statistics into appealing visuals that resonated with fans.

The Result

This partnership has led to the creation of over 500 unique graphics, saving upwards of 100 hours in manual production work. It has markedly improved the fan experience and streamlined team operations.


This collaboration between Füchse Berlin and Automadic has set a new benchmark in fan engagement through the strategic application of automation in sports. It exemplifies how technological advancements can strengthen the bond between sports teams and their fans. For more information on how Automadic can bring similar innovations to your team, contact us today.

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