Dynamic Design Automation


A Canadian sports management agency representing high-profile basketball players sought to differentiate their athletes in a competitive market through standout social media graphics. They required a solution that adhered to their meticulous design standards across multiple digital platforms.


The agency needed to maintain brand consistency while promoting their players' statistics in various formats suitable for different social media channels. Each graphic needed to reflect the agency's commitment to quality and attention to design detail.


Our response to their needs was multifaceted:

  1. Automated Design System: Based on the agency's brand guidelines, we established a set of automated rules to ensure brand consistency across all graphics and formats.
  2. Comprehensive Databases: We integrated a player database with a larger database covering all professional basketball teams and leagues, ensuring access to high-quality logos and up-to-date information.
  3. Collaborative Graphic Development: Working in tandem with the agency's in-house design team, we crafted a suite of graphics—including performance updates, player signings, and welcome announcements—that were both visually striking and adaptable to various player and team details.
  4. Dynamic Layout Consultation: Our team provided expert advice on optimal layouts for automation, ensuring that any name, team name, or player image would seamlessly fit into the dynamic graphics.

Technical Aspects

The system was engineered to dynamically adjust content for different social media channels, such as square formats for Instagram and wider formats for Twitter, without compromising on the design integrity established by the agency.


The solution provided the agency with:

  • Brand Distinction: Enhanced visibility and brand prestige through high-quality, consistent graphic design.
  • Cross-Channel Strategy Execution: Successful deployment of a cross-channel promotional strategy with tailored content for each platform.
  • Time Efficiency: Streamlined creation of personalized graphics, reducing manual input and allowing for rapid response to player achievements and news.


This case study illustrates our ability to blend design excellence with advanced automation technology. By understanding the unique challenges of sports marketing, we delivered a solution that not only captures attention but also upholds the high standards of our client’s brand, making a significant impact in the digital space.

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Automating Elite Sports Content

A prominent sports management agency with a roster of 600 basketball players across top global leagues, faced a challenge: reducing the time and effort in creating social media graphics