Elevating Player Profiles for a Leading German Basketball Agency


Our project with Germany's oldest basketball management agency focused on enhancing their social media presence, making high-profile players from Bundesliga, Euroleague, and World Champions feel celebrated and promoted effectively.


The agency required a novel approach to appreciate and promote their players on social media, ensuring content that resonates and uplifts their athletes' profiles.


Our comprehensive solution encompassed:

  1. Player-Centric Motion Design: Collaborating with the agency, we developed a motion design style that prominently featured players, aligning with the agency's new social media channels.
  2. Player Image Database: We established a database for player images, allowing new additions through our platform.
  3. AI-Powered Image Processing: Employing AI technology, we automated the background removal from player images, ensuring clean, focused graphics.
  4. Player Information Database: A detailed database including player stats like age, nationality, position, and current team was created, facilitating personalized content creation.
  5. Template Variety: We provided various templates for different post types, including 'Stats of the Day,' 'Happy Birthday' messages, and 'Signed to Company' announcements.


  • Player Appreciation: Players have positively acknowledged the agency’s efforts in highlighting their achievements.
  • Increased Engagement: Players frequently share the content, boosting engagement and visibility.
  • Efficiency: The agency now efficiently produces quality, engaging social media content, reflecting their players’ prestige.


This case study showcases our ability to integrate innovative technology with creative design, creating a system that not only simplifies content creation but also magnifies player profiles. It exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that resonate with clients and their audiences in the dynamic world of sports social media.

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Automating Elite Sports Content

A prominent sports management agency with a roster of 600 basketball players across top global leagues, faced a challenge: reducing the time and effort in creating social media graphics