Streamlining Event Announcements for GDI's LinkedIn Channel

This video was automatically created using a dynamic video template, created by automadic


AUTOMADIC partnered with Switzerland's esteemed Trend Institute, GDI, to bring a groundbreaking solution to their event announcement challenges. Our goal was to create a dynamic, cost-effective, and efficient template specifically designed for GDI's LinkedIn community.

The Challenge

Before collaborating with us, GDI relied on external agencies or in-house resources to create video animations for event announcements. This process was not only time-consuming, involving detailed briefings to multiple parties, but also costly. GDI recognized the need for a more streamlined approach and turned to video automation for a solution.

The Solution

AUTOMADIC introduced a dynamic template tailored for GDI, optimized for LinkedIn's specific screen size. This template uniquely integrates up to three videos, a design choice for this particular project. However, our technology is versatile, allowing for templates with more videos if needed. The standout feature is the template's ability to adjust automatically to the number and length of the videos, ensuring a seamless and engaging presentation. The turnaround time for creating a video is impressively under 2 minutes, with unlimited versioning included, providing GDI with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.


Implementing this dynamic template was a game-changer for GDI. With a simple and intuitive interface, GDI's team can now easily input data, upload videos, and generate brand-aligned, professional announcement videos quickly and effortlessly.

Results and Impact

The results have been transformative. GDI's team can now experiment with various content types and incorporate different call-to-action buttons at the end of each video. This flexibility has not only saved significant time and costs but also enhanced the engagement and effectiveness of their LinkedIn event announcements. GDI now enjoys the freedom to create diverse and dynamic content, tailoring each video to their specific needs and audience.


This case study demonstrates how AUTOMADIC's innovative technology can revolutionize an organization's communication strategy. For GDI, the shift to automated video creation for their LinkedIn community has led to greater efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced creative freedom. As we continue to innovate, AUTOMADIC remains committed to empowering organizations with flexible, user-friendly solutions to meet the evolving demands of modern communication.

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