Smart creatives.
Smarter campaigns.

We specialize in creating smart campaigns. That means we
can update any element of your creative, using data-driven
automation. Make your assets as personalized or localized as
you need. Always on-brand and on-scale.
What we do
We create smart templates
We start any project by creating custom templates or adapting the ones your design team created in
Adobe After Effects.
Our automation tailors all templates to fit your exact needs, giving you full control over the design's look and feel. With our system, every detail, like text and image placement, is precisely managed, freeing you from the repetitive work of manual adjustments.
We load your
CRM data
Our system is designed to handle data spreadsheets or product catalogs of any size. We're equipped to work with extensive data sets, connecting them through relational databases. This
capability allows us to draw context from your data and bring it to life in visually compelling creative graphics, ensuring your campaigns are both data-rich and visually striking.
We let the
magic happen
Once templates are set and data is ready, our automated system takes over. It personalizes and fine-tunes each video to your specifications,
handling tasks like auto-cropping and voice integration with precision. This results in a continuous flow of on-brand, high-quality videos, delivered directly to you with zero human intervention, ensuring each piece resonates across platforms and audiences.
Personalized content resonates deeply, expect to see a significant uplift in key metrics. 
80% of consumers...

are more likely to purchase a product from a personalized ad

2x lift in total purchases...

from customers exposed to personalized ads, compared with those who were not

3x CTR increase...

compared to standard video campaigns


Sales & Sponsoring

The leap from generic to personalized content has skyrocketed our engagement rates. It's like having a magic marketing wand.


B.I.G. Management Group

Automadic has revolutionized how we create content.
Our ad campaigns have never been so targeted and effective.